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Our Story

“Be daring, and don’t think twice about pursuing your interests. Keep the passion alive”, are the words that guided the founders of Earthen Affair to follow their passion and fire up their creative side. Chartered Accountant and Graphic Designer by profession, Anjali and Maitri started Earthen Affair to connect the local artisans, ceramists and studio artists with a base that is eager to buy sustainable, local-made, handcrafted and exclusive products.

The dual vision helmed by Earthen Affair is converting mud to money for artists who conjure images of unearthed treasures, the pieces of pottery that are admittedly too perfect to be found in anything short of a chest full of gold and also make earthen cookware accessible in the urban kitchens. The idea is to undertake conscious efforts to remind the urban segment of the health benefits of using earthen pottery and cookware without having to compromise on the aesthetics of the cooking and dining experiences.

While the Earthen Affair has launched its own custom cook ware and serve ware series, the brainchild of both the art enthusiasts also serves as the space to the artists by providing an e-commerce platform, earthenaffair.com to them. Anjali and Maitri are both advocates-cum-business advisor provide valuable leads and projects for their ceramists, staunch believers in vocal for local.